Friday, July 21, 2006

Hitch Hikers Guide to Food in Chennai

As part of the Chennai Metblog team, we thought it would be a great idea to have an online list of Chennai Restaurants with reviews. The tech neanderthal in me proposed that we can have an excel sheet. Thankfully the idea was shot down by the geeks in the team. As we were trying out various online free tools (you think we would pay for anything?), our whizkid Krithiga created a nifty database out of Zohocreator. The link is hidden in the blogroll of the Chennai Metblog, hence this plug. All foodies out there, check out

Hitch Hikers Guide to Food in Chennai

We are addng up restaurants by the day, and hope to have a list of 100 restaurants in next 1 month (if not, then within next 1 year).


WA said...

Hey this sounds cool, Good luck

Ravages said...

Yes, tis cool thing wiz kid krithiga came up with this.

arvind said...


You guys should definitely have someone who edits the post, else it will be filled with junk/spam, just like the one i added now.

Krithiga said...


I do keep tabs of user entered data, so no worry. Your entry was deleted.

Vidya said...

Chen, this is torture. I keep reminding myself not to read your/ tilo's post on food first thing in the morning. And I miserably fail everytime. Now, I am craving for good restaurant food, at 8.30 AM in a godforsaken place in the US. Told ya, torture.

D.N.A. said...

Chenthil & Krithiga,

Where/whom do I send in comments or suggestions for the database?

Krithiga said...

DNA: If your query pertains to the database then send it to me at:


If it's about the restaurants, then hit Chenthil with it.