Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rewards of blogging

Back in the good old days when I used to receive 2 comments for my best post, I had a non blogging reader Karthik R. He used to diligently comment on my blog. He was the one who told me that there are vodkas beyond Absolut. That was the time when I was drinking Romanov (in other words, Horse Piss). That was also the time I first read John Steinbeck and talking excitedly about him. Our friend Karthik works some where near Salinas, the setting of Steinbeck's best works.

In one of my vodka posts he promised me to get a bottle of vodka when he came to Chennai. That was long ago, and suddenly one day I got a mail from him stating that since he is going to travel all over TN, instead of vodka could he get me a couple of Steinbeck novels? Truth be told, I get a high more from books than vodka. So I said yes. And that's how I received these two books as my first physical rewards of blogging.

Of Mice and Men

The Winter of our Discontent

Couldn't talk much with him, he was flying out the same day. Karthik, thanks a lot.

And thanks to the blogger from UK for buying this book and sending it to me. I am on a Borges trip right now.


F e r r a r i said...

And when I come back from Sweden, will get you Absolut. Or you want to try some other version :D

ammani said...

You're welcome.

Karthik R said...

hope you enjoyed reading them

Anonymous said...

There rare scotches that arnt exported from Scotland. You might be invited to have a peg, soon.

tilotamma said... mention of the 'pisnari US bloggers who don't buy you anything ever :-)

Chenthil said...

Ferrari, I would prefer Three Olives :-)

Ammani, I have finished that book. Will put up a note soon

Karthik, reading them now.

Arun, Scotch? let me see.

Tilo, how can I say about US bloggers not gifting me anything? Karthik is a US based blog reader :-)