Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Hindu forces me out of hibernation

Yesterday there was a minor fracas in Madurai Railway Station where an unidentified man with a knife got close to M.K.Stalin, minister in the TN Government. The man was noticed by a CRPF constable who tried to stop him. In the process, the constable had his fingers grazed / cut by the knife and was bleeding. Those fingers were repeatedly telecast in Sun News, the DMK news channel. Based on this incident, Mr. Stalin's security had been upgraded to Z category.

I am not getting into the reasons behind the so called attack and stuff. My favorite Newspaper The Hindu carried the news in its front page today. Nothing wrong with that. After all Mr. Stalin is a minister and also the son of the Chief Minister. The subheading reads CRPF guard who tried to intercept the armed intruder gets stabbed .

Given below is the picture of the CRPF constable (in the inset) who was stabbed according to The Hindu.

The image is from Tamil Murasu newspaper, the DMK leaning eveninger. Even the party newspaper claims that the constable tried to hold the knife and in the process got his fingers grazed. But our National Newspaper claims the constable was stabbed. My bet is tomorrow, some reader will point this out to the Reader's Editor and that gentleman will call Oxford English Dictionary to substantiate that a stab is equal to a cut.

Update: In the follow up article today, the stab becomes a cut injury (see the second paragraph) miraculously. No explanations given ofcourse.


prakash said...

at this rate, Mr.K Narayanan will put in his papers soon. reason : work overload :-)


The Hindu is the worst newspaper of India. They are left-liberal DMK supporters. If any political newbie is going to read their paper, they are sure lose their cognitive abilities.
The Hindu is able to get away with this kind of behaviour because they are a monopoly, guess what after deccan chronicle started selling in chennai, The Hindu has given 7 fake complaints against Deccan Chronicle, which were qushed by Bombay High curt

ada-paavi!!!! said...

wats the purpose of this funky readers editor? i still havent got it, why N Ram and a readers editor? ellam vetti bandha

கொங்கு ராசா said...

//will call Oxford English Dictionary to substantiate that a stab is equal to a cut.//
that's the pinch.. :)


Arun said...

If Ellesworth Monkton Toohey were alive he would find a kindred spirit in N. Ram.

Arul Valan said...

Looks like the whole thing has been stage-managed to buid-up Stalin.It will be interesting to know the attacker/stabber/cutter's identity.

Chenthil said...

Prakash, I think he himself will be appalled by his paper :-)

AC - didn't know about the DC case. My opinion is the editor is responsible for the mess they are in.

Vatsan - summa copying Guardian.

Raasaa - they haven't done that too. quietly changed it to cut injury in the follow up today, without any explanations.

Arun - :-)

Arul - lets not get into the politics, rest assured that the attacker will never be caught.

Vidya said...

more for your amusement:

ashok said...

just a clever stage drama to get "Z" security for wonder the 'hindu' forced u out of hibernation :)

ashok said...

btw...its still technically ur title should read 'aestivation' :-)