Friday, May 26, 2006

Resolute mind I seek

Resolute mind I seek
Refined words I seek
Considerate thoughts I seek
Coveted things to be mine I seek
Dreams that turn real I seek
And turn real soon I seek
Wealth and happiness I seek
Fame in this world I seek
Clarity of vision I seek
Determination in work I seek
Women's liberation I seek
Protection of the creator I seek
Growth of this land I seek
Vision of heaven I seek
Triumph of truth I seek
Om Om Om Om

மனதி லுறுதி வேண்டும்,
வாக்கினி லேயினிமை வேண்டும்;
நினைவு நல்லது வேண்டும்,
நெருங்கின பொருள் கைப்பட வேண்டும்;
கனவு மெய்ப்பட வேண்டும்,
கைவசமாவது விரைவில் வேண்டும்;
தனமும் இன்பமும் வேண்டும்,
தரணியிலே பெருமை வேண்டும்.
கண் திறந்திட வேண்டும்,
காரியத்தி லுறுதி வேண்டும்;
பெண் விடுதலை வேண்டும்,
பெரிய கடவுள் காக்க வேண்டும்,
மண் பயனுற வேண்டும்,
வானகமிங்கு தென்பட வேண்டும்;
உண்மை நின்றிட வேண்டும்.
ஓம் ஓம் ஓம் ஓம்.

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arvind said...

good one chen. see you over the weekend

Ramnath said...

Hi Chenthil, nice translation.

I took some liberty...

Where the mind is strong, the words sweet and the thoughts good
Where the hands get what they reach out for
Where the dreams come true, and results come fast
Where there is wealth and joy, and all the glory of the world
Where the eye of wisdom is open, and work gets done
Where the women are free
Where the ever-expanding, protects
Where the earth is used, and the heaven seen
Where truth prevails
There, indeed, I want to be
When I am awake, when I am dreaming and when I am not.

(Two points: i took periya kadavul (big god) to mean brahman (ever expanding)....
And, in the last sentence, instead of saying om, i thought i would give mandukyo upanishad's interpretation of Om. It says the the letters a, u and m in om stands for these three states - waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep)

Ramnath said...

Also, tried to mix tagore and bharati!!!

ashok said...

chen, is 'seek' the right word for 'veendum'?

Ravages said...

Ramnath - Great great suff

Chenthil said...

Ramnath, that was far better than my version. I didn't know the meaning of Aum, thanks for that info.

Ashok, I tried Need, want, ask and seek. I felt that seek was the closest to Vendum, in this context.

Charu said...

Ramnath, great work... aum has gotten so corrupted becoming om and acquiring all sorts of unwanted (to me!) religious associations...

Chenthil, good one.. I agree with the 'seek' bit - (have said this in Chandru's blog) - that I feel Bharati's original reads less like a demand and more like a supplication...

crsathish said...

Via Gilli. My Fav Kavithai. Armayanaa Molipaeyarpoo.

Karthick Hariharan said...

It was interesting to read the translations in ChandraChoodan's blog and here.

Just a very minor comment on Brahman quoted as Ever expanding.

While that is true in a way, my humble opinion is Brahman is the ever constant omnipresent omnipotent transcendental thing that has manifested as the ever changing vast universe.