Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fun in TN Assembly

TN assembly yesterday witnessed some interesting things. Though not as interesting as the 1989 incident when mikes were thrown and clothes were torn. I guess yesterday's incident was a mere percursor to what is expected today. Ms. Jayalalitha has declared that she will come to the assembly inspite of the probability of DMK men assaulting her. This is pure hogwash as DMK is smart enough to not create any sympathy for her. ADMK and its leader are trying their best to provocate the ruling party in taking action against them.

Today on my way to office I saw the entire stretch of road from Napiers Bridge to RBI Subway swarming with police. They even had riot police van. ADMK volunteers too were present in equal numbers. With Jayalalitha attending the assembly today, expect some riotous scenes. My uneducated guess is that she is trying hard to get arrested so as to create sympathy for her. For more fun watch Sun TV and Jaya TV tonight. And remember, you read it here first.

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