Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Maran armtwists Tatas - will this stick?

It was only yesterday that I was telling a fellow blogger that Dayanidhi Maran is the best bet for DMK's future since he is young, energetic, has charisma and in untatinted. I think I said it too soon.

Indian Express comes up with this report alleging that the Maran family tried to armtwist Tatas to part with their DTH project. How much of this is true or will it stick is anybody's guess. But this is the first slur of Dayanidhi Maran's performance.

My reading of the election scenario till yesterday was that the TN electorate is slowly tilting towards DMK after the initial burst from ADMK. It remains to be seen whether this news will have an adverse impact on DMK's performance. It also remains to be seen how my favorite Newspaper The Hindu spins this issue, since Dayanidhi Maran has married into their family.

Update: Dayanidhi Maran sends Lawyer notice to Indian Express


Kaps said...

The Hindu has published the PTI report:

TTM said...

who did dayanidhi marry?

ram said...

Dayanidhi is married to chen's friend N.Ram's niece.

Karthik R said...

Seems to have been quite brazen (as per the Ind Express report). I'd the same feel for the guy -- energetic, young, and was sending a lot of business TN's way.

But this could put a serious dent on his image and on the DMK's chances. For the 'undecideds' this could be the reason to not vote for the DMK.

But the Marans do have balls to hold the Tatas to ransom. Hope this is their come-uppance.

Anonymous said...


this is typical MK family way of coming up in life/politics.

I said...

Too hi-fi to affect voting pattern in TN. Free TVs will have a bigger impact.

Kaps said...

I agree with you.

Dayanidhi Maran has married Anand Parthasarathy's sister (Malini Parthasarathy's daughter?).

Prasanna said...

Hi Chen

I was quite suprised that you hadn't figure out the machinations of Maran till now

He representsthe worst form of crony capitalism

I have a written a detailed post on this guy-Why is Dayanidhi Maran the Most Reviled Politician in Tamil Nadu.Do Read it

The Talkative Man said...

thanks Kaps. Anand Parthasarathy is in his 50s so may not be his sister.

BTW, Kanimozhi joined Frontline in early 90s.

Anonymous said...

Why praise Dayanidhi. If you also have that much of ill gotten money, you can extract such a nice opinion from others.

Now Sun TV will own the the entire tamil nadu.