Saturday, April 22, 2006

சென்றதினி மீளாது - All that's gone is not gonna come back

சென்றதினி மீளாது மூடரே!நீர்
எப்போதும் சென்றதையே சிந்தை செய்து
கொன்றழிக்கும் கவலையெனும் குழியில் வீழ்ந்து
குமையாதீர்!சென்றதனைக் குறித்தல் வேண்டாம்.
இன்றுபுதி தாய்ப்பிறந்தோம் என்று நீவிர்
எண்ண மதைத் திண்ணமுற இசைத்துக் கொண்டு
தின்றுவிளை யாடியின்புற் றிருந்து வாழ்வீர்;
தீமையெலாம் அழிந்துபோம்,திரும்பி வாரா.

All that's gone is not gonna comeback, bugger - Don't
be lookin back at what's gone and think
and worry yourself silly to death.
Don't remember all that's past.
Refine your thoughts, think
you are born anew today - grab your
grub, play and enjoy your life.
All that crap is gone, not gonna come back

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Nilu said...

Am not sure if the attempt at translation was intended satire or if am not getting Bharathi's satire in the original Tamil version. Naan konjam tubelight ba!

sudha said...

this template is screwed up. the tamil font is simply illegible on mozilla.

jeev said...

Thanks for the post. I am going through a very difficult phase and these lines gives me some comfort. Wish i can forget the past and start afresh

Anand said...

Second Nilu on that... bugger? Or should it be buggers? Anyway... entirely unfair to ask a bugger to not look back! Then not to let him wonder about whatever that's gone (in)?
Of course it is not just for buggers to not look back at all that crap that's not gonna come back in anyway.

Anonymous said...


Nice blog....I usually dont read blogs, but ran into urs by chance....

I was searching for a english trnslation of Kaadhal Sadugudu in Google and your blog popped up as one of the links.....

Well, I am a tamilian, but I kinda grew up in Hyderabad etc....I heard it first in my first few months at IITM......and I rememeber it being a big hit and people asking me (being a tamilian) to translate it...unfortunately, i was lost : )
And this was pretty much the one of the first (and probably the last) tamil song I have loved so much..

Anyways, that was a detour.... the blog is high funda.... and the pics of villages from tamil nadu and the college stuff is kinda cool too.... i lived in hyd all my life and went to IIT - which is like a world of its never really met real tams and college students etc....and had no idea how things functioned and looked..... but ur blog does a graet good job ....and i can see people meeting up after years on this...cute......Good luck....maybe i will keep coming back and reading ...:)

1$ Saint said...

thank god there was an englisg much ever im sure it was much poetic in tamil...i wud have finished readin it only by day aftr 2moro....lolz..thanx..

Deepa said...

So what happened to you in Konapet this time?;-)

arvind said...

Chen is this some kind of a rap version of the translation?

Chenthil said...

Nilu, Anand - it was an attempt at rap style barathi. But as it shows I don't know rap :-), Barathi's original has an irreverential tone - use of the word மூடரே - so I thought I too would use the same tone.

Anand - you are reading too much into the pun where there is none.

Sudha - You have to tweak Firefox a little to read Tamil fonts.

Jeev - Glad it helped (assuming you are not pulling my leg)

Anon - thanks.

Deepa - I wrote about it in my Tamil blog

1$saint - learn to read Tamil :-)

Arvind - yes it was. Do you think I should go with a more conventional version?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't crib too much on "moodar" being transalted to "bugger".

I think its also wrong to think in these lines.. "Anyway... entirely unfair to ask a bugger to not look back"

Bharathiyar calls them "moodar" because they brood on the past.
(he doesn't address the "moodar" and request them not to look back) ;-)

Krithiga said...

Sorry, really, this is so off-topic. I noticed the header image. (could be late, I read from a Feed Reader) Is it from some Theppakulam? Looks like it. Nice, if I may add :-)

Anonymous said...

no, the tamil font in the linked post is legible. and all my keyman fonts read just fine. are you able to read this on mozilla?