Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hi, I am Tasmac Kannan

Hi, I am Tasmac Kannan of the corner Tasmac Shop and I'm writing to you about your cocktails. Before I proceed, let me apologise for this unsolicited comment about your coktails. I googled for good Indian cocktails and found yours. Ok, now to why I'm writing to you, I'm compiling a list of the best coktails in Indian bars and showcasing them on our Corner Tasmac Shop. Tasmac (means 'good boozing spot') has been encouraging good drunkards and showcasing great drinks for well over 6 years.
I want to include your cocktails in our corner Tasmac Shop by creating a parallel shelf for you. By creating a parallel shelf on our Tasmac Shop, you can dramatically boost the number of people drinking your cocktails and puking on them.

P.S. In response to the spam comment in my previous post


Mansion Kannan said...


I am mansion kannan from Madley Road Mansions. I found about the house you stay through real estate brokers. At Madley Mansions, we have lots of people staying. Why dont you spend half your day at madely mansions every day?
You will get more hits from policeman, and the mansion inmates.

Mansion Kannan
Mansion team

Kilpauk Kannan said...

I am from Kilpauk Mental hospital, which is actually located at ayanavaram. One of our inmates escaped from here and joined Sulekha. His name is Kartik Kannan. Heard that he was last seen here. Please let us know immediately if you get to know of him
-Kilpauk Kannan

WA said...


Spam Kannan said...

Dear Chenthil,

I landed in your blog searching for the blogs that Kartik Kannan has spammed. Before I proceeed, let me apologise for the unsolicited comment on your blog. Ok Now why I am spamming you? Because you have been Spammed by Kartik Kannan.In tamil there is a proverb, muLLai muLLaala dhaan edukka mudiyum(Which means, only a thorn can take out another thorn).Now coming back. Kartik Kannan has been spamming the blogs for past 6 months. The plan is to start a movement, to beat the hell out of kartik kannan. We are trying to arrange for a puke session in chennai, wherein people puke on Kartik and push him inside the Cooum.

neha vish said...

I am no Kannan, and very disappointed because KK still hasn't paid me a visit. :(

I said...

idhukku andha sulkeha kannan e parava illai.

Chenthil said...

Neha, don't worry. Will send him to your site :-)

Matter Machi, what to do. We are trying to reach that level of proficiency

anantha said...

Hmmm.. and he has a blog too.. on blogger!

*rubs hands in devious glee*

Chenthil said...

Anti, I have actually met him in a blog meet sometime in 2004. That's why the first time I sent him a polite (by my standards) rebuff by mail. But he refuses to learn, he even asked Nilu to write in Sulekha :-)

D.N.A. said...

Does such things invlve some kind of Ad Sense revenue? That guy is asking for trouble.

ashok said...

he also sent one spam to my office mail id..donno how the hell he got hold of that. That guys getting better everyday. y dont u guys in chennai do something about it.seriously.

//he even asked Nilu to write in Sulekha :-) //, then, thats something i want to see.really.

Chinnakkannan azhaikiraan said...

He writes some sensible stuff in his blog, doesnt sound like an attention-craver. If offended, gentle-a sonna onnum koranjudaadhu, why wound him? After all he's a fellow blogger. You can of course jump on him if he does it a 2nd time on your blog, which I think he wont.

anantha said...

Chinnakannan: It happened to me twice! I did not react first time only because of the same reason - fellow blogger et. al. But today when it happened in a post that I am really looking to see some meaningful feedback on, it pissed me off.

Chenthil: I remember him asking Nilu. And in the fond hope that he (the said spammer) will come back to read the comments, I even addressed him to ask him if he knew who Nilu was and what he was capable of ;)

Anonymous said...

@ Chinnakannan:

"If offended, gentle-a sonna onnum koranjudaadhu, why wound him?"

I left a comment in his blog (gentle-a thaan), but damn comment moderation, it never saw the light of the day. I have to quote Rajinikanth [not verbatim] here. "Sila per solli thirndhuvaanga. Sila per adichadhaan thirundhuvaanga."

Vidya said...

Avanga avanga thozhil avangalukku .. spam panradhey thozilla vaichirundha (BTW: Does he get paid for this??) naama yenna panna mudiyum ???

Chinnakkannan azhaikiraan said...

whatever it is, no need to handle him like some pickpocket(comparign with kilpauk, Tasmac, mansion-tu...), he has the frankness to leave his name and pic, what does it take to delete a comment...daily namma yahoo-la 100 mail delete panradhillaya.

Chenthil said...

DNA - I think some sort of revenue is involved, otherwise there is no reason.

Ashok - considering the nature of your work, getting your official mail id is remarkable. kudos to him :-)

Chinna Kanna - I sent him a mail about a month back when he first spammed me, and he apologised. But again he is back to spamming, so what do I do. And if you think he writes sensible stuff in his blog, God Save You.

Krithiga - true.

Vidya - naama blog post thaan panna mudiyum :-)

Chenthil said...

Anti - I am going to beg, plead with Nilu to open a blog account in Sulekha :-)

Anonymous said...

nilu kku over build up irrukku..nilu come on...plz do it

Premalatha said...

this looks like a free advertisement for him/his blog.

KK, don't bother sending your comment to me. I will simply delete it the moment it reaches my inbox. :( you may be persistent, so am I. :( oh, btw, mine is not as popular blog as these people's.

anantha said...

chenthil: Don't you know aNTi-Nilu's law? Let me formalize it here! Mebbe history shall record this event one day.

When the probability of an individual approaching Nilu with a proposition or a request approaches 1, then the probability of a Nilu fulfilling such a request tends to zero.

P(request) inversely proportional P(positive result from request)

Corollary: The probability of Nilu committing a deed tends to 1 when there the probability of opposition to such a deed is also 1

i.e. P(deed) [Directly Proportional] P(opposition to such a deed)

So, for best result please request/threaten Nilu to desist from getting a account on Sulekha's blog!

Please one of you make sure that the offensive comment is preserved. Indiya blogosphere-il mudhal muraiyaga, I shall nominate the comment for Nilu's pukefest ;)

Friday afternoon, romba vetti!

Anonymous said...

Nee vetti na, ipdi dhan mokka poduvaya?


Anonymous said...

What would the world do without jaalras like Andi?

anantha said...

Chenthil: Please let me say something...;)

Chenthil said...

Anti - ensoy. The field is open to you

Kiruba Shankar said...

Hi Chenthil and others,

Just a quick official clarification. Since I'm with Sulekha, thought I should give my views. These invitations were sent to only a selected set of bloggers who we determined were exceptionally talented. Our original intention was to send out only emails but that some of the blogs didn't have email. Had to resort to commuicating via comments. In hindsight, we realize that's not a good thing. We'll make sure that that's not to happen anymore.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for voicing your thoughts. Nothing like a good feedback.

For over five years now, Sulekha
has been the home for many writers who are passionate about writing. In addition to providing Sulekha’s bloggers a vast, global audience, Sulekha has also created avenues for wider distribution, including enabling publishing of many of our bloggers by Penguin and various media including Indian Express and DNA. Sulekha is also developing a revenue-sharing mechanism for popular bloggers who command a wide audience. We sought out and welcomed talented writers to write on Sulekha and many have accepted our invitation. But I understand that not all like it this way.

Thanks for the feedback and we have already taken corrective steps.

Chenthil said...

Kiruba, thanks for the apology.

These invitations were sent to only a selected set of bloggers who we determined were exceptionally talented. - flattery wont get you any where, and by your standards almost every blogger is exceptionally talented.

Our original intention was to send out only emails but that some of the blogs didn't have email. Had to resort to commuicating via comments that is completely untruthful in my case atleast. I got a mail, replied back to that saying I am not interested as I am into blogging just for the fun of it, not to get hits or get published. I got a reply too for that. After that I get comments again. That's what infuriated me.

Lets leave it at that. As Codey said you guys have a brand that had recall, don't let it be a negative recall.

vijay said...

I for one went to bed rather flattered. Only to be hit by tons of disillusionment the next day. Ah! Life!

Let us hope things are in order now.

tilotamma said...

you guys have a brand that **had** recall

Point and tense has to be noted by those on the Sulekha team.....

Chen :-))).

Nilu said...

ada, itha pakkama vittutene...

Anonymous said...

guys its suprising to see so many people really vetti doing nothing. atleast spammer(kartik kannan) is doing something and getting paid and you guys are simply gossiping for nothing. the whole blogging junta is just vetti craving for attention and nothing more. good for nothing guys.

Anonymous said...

Hi What is the official website of AIADMK, DMK and other Tamil parties?

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Hi New ELITE TASMACS opened locations:
1) near CMBT - in IO SQUARE MALL- 3rd FLOOR
Except Cold Beer and imported BEER everything is available here
2) SPENCER MALL -ground Floor
importe BEER (2 brands small bottle - 230 RS available) But No Refrigeration.
3)Numgambakkam -in KAVERI COMPLEX- it is not opened , it is a rumour.
4) ALSA MALL- Egmore -imported BEER and is coming here soon