Saturday, March 11, 2006


The overnight drizzle has left
an inviting smell of the earth.
Like the scent of a woman
who was here a few minutes ago.

The receding dark clouds are
moving away in the horizon
As alluring as her wavy hair
as she walks away from you.

The first drops of the rain
fall softly on your face
Like her first kisses
gentle but promising more.

You move forward into the rain
the drops are now forceful, stinging
As you walk into her embrace
the kisses are more hot, passionate.

The rain now engulfs you
completely drenching all that's you
As you give in to her
surrendering all that's you.


Ravages said...

neat. nice words.

Anonymous said...

unable to comment on previous post

I said...

the usually bad roads became worse,
walking n riding was a damn curse,
the sewage wouldnt freely flow,
kids n babies were catching flu.

cars became dirty and water clad;
or worse, the carburettor went bad,
the rain continued to pour n pour,
making rain coats and umbrellas sour.

a few days before was very very hot
with no water at all in a single pot
now that the rain is a real belter
Things are just marginally better.

I ve learnt a little nice lesson
rain, cloud, sleet or snow or sun
life is never ever any fun, because
everything has its own problems.