Friday, March 10, 2006

College Humour

First day of Engineering College. All freshers start trooping into the dormitory. The Madras guy dumps his bag on the bunk bed, places his shaving kit and other assorted items on the shelf and goes out of the room. The fellow from Aruppukkottai (a small town in south Tamilnadu) looks at it. This fellow is a true blue southie, having visited Madras for the first time for Engineering college admission. That small tube placed next to the shaving kit makes him curious. He too uses shaving cream, but has never seen such a small tube. Scratches his head and wonders.

In comes the fellow from Thenkasi (an even smaller town in South Tamilnadu). He is also a small towner, but more street smart and always looking for a sucker to play pranks. The Aruppukkottai guy asks him, "Machan, what's this tube da? Never seen anything like this".

Thenkasi : "That's the new shaving cream they have introduced in Madras da"

Aruppukkottai : "It is so small, The ones we use are generally bigger"

Thenkasi : "Come on, try it out da"

Aruppukkottai : "Machan, I have applied it on my face, but it is not foaming at all"

Thenkasi : "It is a non foaming type shaving cream da"

Half heartedly the Aruppukkottai guy finishes shaving, cursing the Madrasi for using such an icky shaving cream.

Then the Madras guy walks in and screams " $@#$, who the hell used up my antifungal skin cream?"

P.S. This is a 100% true incident. And the Aruppukkottai fellow who was the butt of our jokes for the entire 4 years was the first person from our batch to get the Green Card :-).


Anonymous said...

when did the "pure water!!" in sathak foam?

I nevey saw foam from shaving cream /soap during my 4 years in sathak

Chenthil said...

Anon, you have to remember this happened on the first day of college, we freshers learnt the facts of life only later.

Anonymous said...

athaane paathane..

neenga padichappo thanni nalla irundhadhonnu payanthutane

ashok said...

sharath narrated this one to me from ur 1st year...
Vasudevan (kambam) was using the loo for a long time...and finally wen he came out, someone asked him whether water was comming in the tap..for which he repiled 'I didnt check'!