Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nalladhor Veenai

Having crafted a wonderful Veena - will thou
spoil and consign it to dust?
Tell O' Goddess - I have
been created with wisdom by thee,
Won't you give me the strength - for me
to live a life fruitful to this land?
Tell me O' Goddess - will thou
make me live as a burden off this land?

Like a swiftly thrown ball - a body
ready to spring on brain's command I ask.
Spotless mind I ask - a life
born anew daily I ask.
Even when the skin is on fire - a heart
that sings thy praise I ask.
Unshakeable wisdom I ask - Is there
anything that stops thee from bestowing these?


Ravages said...

My second most favourite of Bharathiaar's. And you have done perfect justice to the song. Great

b a l a j i said...

another nice translation

arvind said...

Good one chen.

Shouldn't it be "ready to spring TO the brain's command..."

Rajachockalingam said...

Translation is good.But my nerves are not tempted as i get in tamil version.When I read in tamil,I was able to get the exact intention of the poet and it creates some wave length in my body and soul...but it is missing in english version.may be my lack of interest in english is also a reason.

Anonymous said...

copy, paste...


u sud hv been honest enough to mention ab this website