Monday, February 27, 2006

Joke of the day

Bush is the topmost official of US imperialism, leading enemy of sovereignty. He is the leader of the imperialist quest of neo colonial domination and he is certainly not welcome in India - A.B. Bardhan, CPI General Secretary

That is the stand of the Left parties in India. Then why don't you just pull out your support to the Government Mr. Bardhan? Do you know that the people of India think of you as a bunch of jokers?


Arvind Rajendran said...


Arent we the same indians who vote them again and again. Arent we the bigger jokers of the two?

Deepa said...

Arvind, the bigger jokers are the ones who didnt vote and allowed these moron to come to power. But hypocrites like the CPI party people provide good entartainment.

Nilu said...

please point the three logical fallacies in this post.

Chenthil said...

Arvind, that's what bugs me the most. Not many Indians have voted for them, Leftists are enjoying power without responsibility because of the fractured verdict of last polls.

Deepa, agree with you on the entertainment angle :-).

1. It assumes that if communists don't agree with the foreign policy of the government, they shouldn't be supporting it.

2. That the disagreement over Bush's visit overrides the concern of stable Govt.

3. It expects communists to be truthful.

Anonymous said...


Don't the left qualify to be Devil's advocate ?

Why should we go on pleasing US?

Is it not democratic to express opinion ?

Colaition dharma doesn't seek "Yes" for whatever the bigbrother does..

Neither u have to withdraw support for everything that u don't agree.

Do u want Left to do a JJ ? (remember the Defence minister waiting in Poes to meet the head of a coalition partner ??)

Chenthil said...

Anon, re read the post carefully. No where have I indicated that India should please US, or that communists shouldn't air their views. And I thought that left is not a constituent of grandly titled UPA coalition, they are offering support from outside.

I am pointing out the straight faced lies of the Left, acting as if they have woken up only now to the visit of George Bush. It has been in the planning stage atleast for two months if not more, so why put up this tamasha just for media's sake.

And you should read the Communist Mouth piece The Hindu today for undiluted fun.

Bala said...


Last week there was a convention (manaadu) of CPM in Madurai. Prakash Karat was the bigshot for the convention. The comrades have plastered posters all over madurai hailing karat as "india's castro", with a photo of fidel with his hands in a mock shooting gesture...

The comrades are just crazy..

Chenthil said...

Yes Bala. Chennai hosted Asia Pacific Conference in support of Cuba or something like that. And The Hindu promptly had an article pointing out that Cuban economy grew by 11% in comparison with other Caribbean economies at 4%. But google a little and you will find that Cuba changed the way it calculates its GDP, a fact the communist mouthpiece conveniently forgot / found irrelevant.

Anonymous said...


Tell me Left not a necessary evil ?

Anonymous said...

India's Left, according to me, are nothing but MUMMIES. Their ideology is Long Dead & they are trying their level best to pose as if LEFT Parties are people's saviours. They are a buch of hypocrytes. What they oppose or prevent the central govt from doing, they right royally do it in their ruling state of West Bengal - wooing FDI. One thing I have learnt about Left over the past few years is that If they protest aginst any issue, then I should support it, beacuse the issue must be good for the nation or for the economy or for you & me.