Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No mobile phones in Anna University Hostels too

That is what I heard in the Sun TV news item. Professors have been authorised to suspend students found with a mobile phone in campus. Yes found with, not even talking. And there was this Professor Ram Prabhakar who declared on TV, "Students waste so much time on mobile phones. They can use it productively in Library or browsing the Internet". It proved one - the Prof doesn't know about Internet, two - probably some students had a better phone than him. There was also a line about checking in hostels too. That reminded me of what happened in my Engineering College.

As I wrote earlier, I studied in a college as far removed from civilisation as it can be. We didn't have any attendace in college then. If anybody had 50 percent attendance then they were allowed to write exams. In this scenario, someone came with the idea of taking attendance in the hostels during night time. The first day, the warden went around the rooms checking the inmates. The seniors (I was in second year then) hatched a plan. A gang of swearers locked themselves up in a room. And when the warden knocked, he received the choicest of abuses and cuss words for two minutes. Then they opened the door and said, "Sorry Sir, we thought it was the guys from next room". Suffice to say that was the end of the attendance routine.


The Talkative Man said...

haha, looks like your college gang had an innovative idea for every situation :)

Anonymous said...

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