Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Looking back

Highly personal post. Skip it if you have anything better to do.

It was 5 years ago that I got married. December 7, 2000. After a year of convincing everybody (including the bride) that I had to (and will) marry her. Year 2001 dawned happily for me. New job, New wife, things were great. Little did I know of what was in store for me. Just look at the time line

Dec 7, 2000 - Married

Jan 1, 2001 - Switched jobs

March, 2001 - Pregnancy

April, 2001 - Took a home loan and bought a flat

September 2001 - My wife had to be hospitalised for Pregnancy induced Hyper Tension

October 2001 - Her company started lay offs, and she was a natural choice.

October 2001 - The Software company I was in started sliding, unable to pay salaries. My mortgage was INR 15,000.00 and my take home had dropped to INR 10,000.00

Nov 27, 2001 - My daughter was born in 29 weeks, 7 weeks premature. Weighing 1.5 kgs, the doctor predicting she had a 50:50 chance at survival, Neo Natal ICU and all that stuff.

Looking back, I wonder how I went through all this in a span of a year. Things were bleak through out the first half of 2002, till I landed in this job and she too got a break.

Two searing memories of those scraping the bottom years remain with me. One was the Madras Book Exhibition 2002. I literally had no money, but felt I had to go to the exhibition, if only to look. The pangs I felt at not even being able to buy a book for 100 Rs. is still fresh. Of course by next year things had improved and I splurged :-). The next was not being able to spend enough to attend a close friend's wedding in Trichy. Again I did not have enough money for the tickets and the gift.

Things are better now. Looking back, I am surprised that I never panicked even at the worst moments. Probably because I think I can never fail :-). Poor wife went through a torturous period worrying about finances, while I was worrying about not being able to buy a book.

Looking forward to many more years of this ride, I would prefer a little less bumpy please.


Nilu said...

Moral of the Story : Never hesitate to spend on a contraceptive.

Sneha Acharya said...

WOW .. Kalakkitteenga!

Dharumi said...

wish you many happy returns of this day.

strayed into your site by sheer accident - probably just to wish you right on your wedding day!


Gynani said...

Wish U to achieve more as a family, in the forth coming days!!!


Anonymous said...


Aduthavanga blogula moocha poradha niruthavey maatiyaa ?

(Son of Neelu)

Chakra Sampath said...

Chenthil... Congrats to both of you on your anniversary!

The Talkative Man said...

ha ha ha, thats a good one, Edhayum thaangum idhayam vendum!!

Many happy returns, BTW

Chenthil said...

Thanks for the wishes, everybody.