Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kanda Naal Mudhal - A multiplex hit

Saw the movie Kanda Naal Mudhal. The promos were interesting with Prakash Raj, the producer, telling that is as fresh as your morning cup of coffee. Well, it is a fun movie, you have to give it to him.

It is a simple story - sort of Kushi plus Minsara Kanavu stuff. Prasanna (the unassuming hero from Five Star and Alagiya Theeye), Karthik (Founder of Evam, more popularly identified as the brother in Alai Payuthe who wants to marry Shalini) and Laila make up the three sides of the triangle. Laila and Prasanna are always at each other's throats. She even bites his cheek (yeah bites, not kisses) when they are young. So when Prasanna's friend Karthik is engaged to marry Laila, things become interesting. Karthik breaks off the engagement saying that he doesn't feel a chemistry with Laila, she blames Prasanna for that.

If you are an avid Tamil movie watcher, you know the story from now on. Good points about the movie is good acting from Prasanna. That guy knows to emote well, unlike Laila who has a lovely smile and nothing else in terms of emotion.

The supporting cast has been chosen well, with Lakshmi and Revathi as mothers. In Mounaragam we saw Revathi's father getting a heart attack because she refuses to marry. Here you see Revathi getting a heart attack because of her daughter. How time flies.

The director, Priya V (Manirathnam's assistant) has steered clear of regular cliches. When Laila learns about the break up from Karthik, she slaps Prasanna and rushes away in an auto. Prasanna gives her a chase in the bike, and I was almost sure that a truck will come and knock him off. Thank God, it didn't happen.

The songs were there because a Tamil movie needs songs. Otherwise none of the songs were memorable.

The movie is aimed at multiplex crowd and will be a sure hit there. Whether it will do well in Tamilnadu beyond cities is doubtful.


Horror of horrors, the movie shows Laila's sister getting pregnant and eloping before marriage. How can the custodians of Tamil Culture allow this? Why are they not up in arms, especially director Seemaan (any body knows which movie he directed)? Is it because the other movie released last week Thavamai Thavamirundhu also shows the hero having premarital sex and eloping with the girl? And that movie is directed by "Tamil" director Cheran?


Dubukku said...

aiyoo naan indha post padikala padikka matten...
naan innum indha padangala parkala athan :)

Belated Anniversary Wishes. Convey our regards to your wife too !

krish_lakshman said...

I think it was made clear by moral police. Even in Tholkappiam, pre marital sex is not presumed to be immoral. Thing is you need to marry or elope with the person you had sex with. Sleeping around is a BIG No No.

Chenthil said...

Dubukku, there is no story in the movie. It is just interesting scree play. And thanks for the wishes.

Lakshman - Since this was supposed to be a movie review, I will argue with you some where else.

Rajesh said...

Hmm.. this is the third time someone has spoken about this movie to me today. interesting.

tilotamma said...

I am a little bit in love with Lakshmi since SNSM. Must watch this.

tilotamma said...

ammam you generally don't like movies.
what made you go to this one?

Chenthil said...

Tilo, I thought it was easy to corelate the previous post with this one:-)

Deepa said...

Chenthil, I saw the movie after reading your post. I liked it. A very "close-to-reality" movie a la Alaipayuthey. Eloping, pre-marital sex are getting too common. When will the janitors ....sorry custodians of Tamil culture learn that?

tilotamma said...

Chen - that response sounds like a Nilu comment

" The reason,is it not obvious :-P ".

actually I forget my anniversary
most of the time, so it is not .....