Saturday, October 01, 2005

A rumour about a dress code

Since this is a rumour, no names or places will be mentioned. I will try in the mould of gossip magazines :-).

There was a professor in a college who thought his students dressed indecently (whatever it means). So he railed at them and asked them to dress decently. Golden rule for professors is never to irritate the students. They decided to act smart and the next day all the guys came dressed in dhoti and the girls in saree. It was mockery of the highest order of the professor.

But the students of many years later were to pay the price when the same professor became the head of a university. He decided to get even and declared a dress code that encompassed all colleges under the university. So now you know the insider info of a dress code in a university decreed by a professor.

Can anybody confirm this?

Update: The rumour is unsubstantiated, I believe.


Anonymous said...

I was a student of the college where the good professor is VC now, three years back. In my four years there, i didnt hear such an incident/rumour/urban legend in the campus.

Such an act by students is highly unlikely as we learnt ( the hard way) not to irritate our professors. The internal grading system in the said college / university used to be (and still is) a perfect vendetta avenue for the teaching staff. Any class that had such courage or stupidity (after internal grading was introduced in 1991) must have paid a heavy price. Thats why i think it is unlikely.


Also the said professor belonged to the mechanical department where each year there used to be around 2 or 3 girls (class strength 120+).

Anonymous said...

Agree to Anon. If you're interested in such rumours, I'll send you a stack of them. But each is as unlikely as the rest. Given, some of his ideas are "M-B-Tughlaqish", but these are kinda far-fetched. And the "Trivia" part is true as well. He did belong to Mechanical dept and you know about the sex-ratio in Mech dept.

Harish said...

dhinamalar padicha thrupthi! :P

Anonymous said...

I was a student of this guy. He handled Engineering Drawing and another non-descript subject(some thing like "Technology in everyday life" kidding). I can't substantiate this rumour, but I can say that it is in line with the Prof's character. This guy owned a xerox shop and he used to force students to take their projects to that shop for spiral binding etc. He was vain and quite stupid in many ways. He could not tolerate anyone coming 2 minutes late for his class but he seldom turned up. I have seen him may be 10 times in 2 years. Quite a hypocrite. Students hated him and did not have any respect for him. But, as another anon said, we didn't dare to do anything because of the internal evaluation(It was intoduced in 92 and not 91, btw). It has been more than 12 years since I left the college and I am still pissed with him and so are most of my class mates. Boy! was he an ass!