Monday, October 03, 2005

Project Why Short story competition

Ammani held a short story competition to collect funds for Project Why. This was my entry


"You shouldn't have let this happen. Why did you not bring her for monthly check up?"

"No Doctor, last child was born ok, so we thought..."

"You people think you are doctors yourself. Do you know what has happened, this child is mongoloid. There are further complications. If checked before, we could have aborted it earlier. This kid has to be put in an institution. Now how are you going to manage... ". I didn't complete the sentence "with your clerks salary"

The only sound in the neonatal ICU was the whirring noise of the AC.

"Doctor..". It was the chief nurse. She pointed to the monitor. The ECG was erratic.

"Check the oxygen", I rushed to the kid. No use.

I turned and looked at him. There was a sigh of relief in his eyes before the tears came.

Other entries can be found here. The winner will be decided based on the voting here. Read the stories, and vote for what you think is the best.


Dubukku said...

very touching story Chenthil. Well written.

Manasa ennamo pannichu

Chenthil said...

Thanks Dubukku

Deepa said...

Too bad you didnt win Chenthil. My 1st prize vote was for you much to the disappointment of my friend who also participated.:-)
Did I read "The Park" incident reported by Dinamalar and translated into English in your blogsite? That was well-written. Hypocrisy in the name of culture Ozhiga!

Chenthil said...

Thanks Deepa. I too thought I deserved the first prize :-).

Yeah I did post about the Dinamalar incident in my blog. Do you have a blog?

Deepa said...

No Chenthil, I dont have one. Just reading all the blogs takes so much time. Wonder if I can maintain one!

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