Wednesday, October 12, 2005

IIPM Trivia

IIPM's Dean for Center of Economic Research and Advanced Studies was awarded Management Guru 2000 by whom?

a)FICCI b)CII c)E&Y d)Harvard Business School (there is no harm in daring to dream beyond IIM)

Ans: None of the above. The good old city of Chennai had the privelege of conferring the honour. The award was given by Om Venkatesa Education Society Chennai which runs the TIME Management School in Tirupati. Their site is down, but google has the cache here


Ravi said...

Hi Chenthil,
I googled Om Venketesa Education Society and did not bother to read any of the far and few in between were they! So much for Mr. A.C being conferred Management Guru 2000! What a prick. Can you believe the ego of the man in advtg. this endowment in his bio-data?

The Real Arindham Chowdhary is a Prick said...

Arindham Choudhary is a self-proclaimed fuck.No good bastard would have paid to get the title conferred on him. Well... one more title to mr. A.C - He is the guru of all eunuchs from Peddapuram !

Awarded by
- Eunuch Society of Peddapuram

Peelamedu_bulls said...

IIPM s fukhole block and its director s sob..
It's sad that Gaurav resigned from his job. I have a strong feeling that IBM should have backed him up.