Tuesday, October 11, 2005

IIPM Fine Print

This is the fine print in IIPM advertisement in Hindustan Times Delhi edition. (Link via Dilip D'Souza).

IIPM believes that it is the #1 B-School in India in terms of COURSE CONTENT, GLOBAL LINKAGES & INDUSTRY INTERFACE. The above rankings don't reflect the same due to the inferiority complex and intellectually dwarfed unquestioning attitude that the industry and the media have developed towards the IIMs over the years. Through its various academic, research, global and industry consulting activities, mentioned in this ad, IIPM aims to make sure that the industry and the media develops the intellectual ability to come out of this unquestioning attitude and accept the reality, very soon.

Hmm. So Industry and Media have an inferiority complex towards IIMs. And IIPM expects the same Industry to recruit its graduates. Who is the copywriter of this ad?


Scribbler said...

Copywriter? What in Arindam Chaudhari's name is that? It's copied and it's written. Man IIPM has lost their pants! Admission fees to fall by 75% next year!

Nilu said...


are you serious or is this a spoof?

anantha said...

hmmm.. Nilu, just left a comment on yours about this post by Chenthil. Guess u have already seen it. So whaddaya say now?

lazygeek said...

Talk about false Ads and we have a spammer visiting Chenthil :)

D'Souza's note was full of fun.

Ravi said...

"Very soon". Duh! Its gonna take those asses a 100 years to assess the damage they have caused to themselves! Won't be surprised if they close down in a couple of years! Oh, what fun its gonna be when the said Mr. A C is looking out for a job! :)