Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sonia Gandhi proves to be Indira Gandhi's equal

Sonia Gandhi is proving to be adept at Indian politics. The brazen way in which the Governor of Jharkand invited JMM-Congress combination to form the Government is reminiscent of the Indira Gandhi days. BJP-JDU (with a total of 36 MLAs) gives a list of 41 MLAs (a simple majority in an assembly of 81 seats), but the Governor goes ahead and invites the opposition combine whose prepoll alliance got only 26 seats. You can be sure that the JMM-Congress combine will now buy more MLAs from the BJP-JDU alliance and prove its majority on the floor of the assembly.

Indira Gandhi tried the same trick in 1984 dismissing NTR's Government in Andhra Pradesh when actually he had the support of 164 MLAs in an assembly of 290. But the move proved to be counter productive, and in the elections following her assasination, Andhra was the only state where Congress lost despite the sympathy wave sweeping the country.

Way to go Congress, things never change.


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