Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Business Quiz at LIBA

Though I did my part time MBA at LIBA, I never attended the annual Chrysalis event. But this year one of my Engineering college mate, now an assistant manager in Philips called me and asked whether I was willing to partner him in the Business Quiz programme. He was part of our college's A team, while I was part of the B team. I haven't participated in a professional quiz programme in more than 7 years but I thought, "After all it is only for corporates, so may be I can get somewhere". I was in for a real surprise. The Philips guy pulled out as they were one of the sponsors, so I partnered with a colleague from my office. Out of the 25 questions in the preliminary round, we got 6 right. Yes just 6.

But I was thankful that I didn't get on stage. There was this team of Gunaseelan / Viswajeet from Novar / Sify that was simply awesome. Gunaseelan had a great day in the guess the company round. He was able to identify the picture of the chairman of 3M corporation and the picture of the founder of Yamaha. But his best performance was in the final buzzer round. In the buzzer round, the quiz master will stop the question the moment the buzzer is pressed. Gunaseelan pressed the buzzer after just one word, Bijlee, and said it is the name of the eco friendly electric car being developed by Mahindra & Mahindra. It was absolutely brilliant.

The second placed team from Cipher consulting too answered a couple of good questions. Their best performance was in the connect round where you have to connect a set of photographs and a back ground music. There was the photograph of Golconda tomb, a baker's basket and bamboo bars. The back ground music played was the signature tune of RK Narayan's Malgudi days. There were three Chennai teams, one from Bangalore, one from Kolkata and Cipher consulting from Bangalore / Mumbai. All the Chennai teams passed this and this guy from Cipher works it out saying Golconda, Malgudi, Baker's basket and Bamboo bar are all restaurants / bar in Savera Hotel Chennai. Just great.

At the expense of Rs. 500.00 (my part of the registration fee) I learnt that my quizzing days are over

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