Monday, February 14, 2005

The no reason party at Kribs' place

There was this Sunday evening vodka bash at Krib's place. It was a truly mixed crowd, with bloggers, marathoners and friends of Kiruba. For the record the bloggers who attended were Yardboy, Frank and Melissa from U.S. consulate, Chandrachoodan, Ravikumar, Sriram ,Smita and me.

I have to thank Frank for getting Stolichnaya, the best vodka I have tasted so far. Shots of stolichnaya were pure bliss. Actually, Kribs is overloaded with vodka now and he needs your help in finishing it :-). I had a good time, Smirnoff with sprite (just about OK), with Orange Juice (bitter as the orange was squeezed to the skin), with tender coconut and lime juice(heavenly) and two shot of Stolichnaya (bliss).

Thanks Kribs, for a wonderful evening.

Note: This post was written on Sunday itself, but due to blogger problems, I am publishing it 4 days late. So it is as fresh as yesterday's newspaper.


karthik R said...

Now that you have tasted Stoli there's no going back. No more Simirnoff or any of the local Vodkas. Hold off until you get your hands on some other good stuff -- Chopin et al. Saw some pics at Kiruba's and Yardboy's sites. Look slike you guys had a ball.

tilotamma said...

You forgot Smita who has a really nice blog. One of the I met at the party!

Chenthil said...

Karthik, true we had a nice time.

Tilo, during the party I didn't know that Smita was a blogger, I thought she was a marathon friend of Kiruba. Only later did I come to know that she was a blogger too. Have included her now