Sunday, January 30, 2005

Barefoot in the Park - movie screening

On Friday, in between phone calls about trucks delayed in reaching Paradip and a client screaming at me, I got a call from Vaishnavi from Evam. I didn't realise what it was and asked her what this was about. She was as surprised as me, and started explaining about Evam, the English Theatre troupe in Chennai. I was invited for a screening of the movie "Barefoot in the Park", and I was left wondering how exactly did she get my number as I have never been to a Tamil Play, leave alone an English one.

As me and my wife made our way to The Park hotel were the screening was held, I was still wondering whether this was a prank. Thankfully it was not, and when I saw the first person in the room, it became clear that this was yet another blogger venture. It was Guru who had arranged for the invites to me,CCG, Kiruba and Narsi. The movie was an adaptation of the popular Neil Simon play. A fine light hearted romantic comedy. Of recent Tamil movies, Azhagiya TheeyE was similar to this I felt.

During the intermission I made a call home and found that my kid was getting a little cranky. So as soon as the movie was over, rushed back home without even saying bye to fellow bloggers. Kiruba clicked a few pics during intermission. You can see my shirt in the pic at Kiruba's in betweeen CCG and Guru. Of course my face blended in with the black background in the dark foyer.

Evam is staging an adaptation of the movie at Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium on 4,5,6,11,12,13 Feb 2005 at 7.15 pm and special matinee shows on 6th and 13th Feb 2005 at 2.00 pm. The play is held for a cause, palliative care for Cancer patients. Kiruba had questions on how they are going to handle the kissing sequences on stage ;-). Guru was interested in knowing how they are going to portray the stairs which play an important role in the movie. Easwar, one of the troupe members answered enigmatically a lot of what is in the movie is not in the play and vice versa. Easwar's passion for theatre is to be seen to be believed. I will be definitely attending the play.

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