Thursday, December 30, 2004

Safe at home

Safer (5 km from beach) now at home now than at office (1/2 km from beah). Friends kept calling from all places to check, thanks a lot. For the past two days whenever somebody criticised the govt, I used to say, "Come on, they are facing a huge task, don't criticise them". But today I am pissed off, the met dept is saying there is no chance of Tsunami, Kapil Sibal (Minister for Science & Technology) is saying that there was no warning from his ministry and there is a flash news saying that Home Ministry has received warning from Australia that a Tsunami might visit Chennai at 6.00 PM today. Can't they bloody co-ordinate and talk in a single voice. Whom to believe, will have to wait till 6.00 PM to see who was correct.

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