Thursday, November 04, 2004

Why no posts for so long?

Since I dont have many regular visitors to ask this question, I ask it myself and try to answer it :-). Work is heavy, I have been reading three books at the same time, but above all I have been following US elections like crazy.

NY Times, CNN, Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan, Bull Moose, Buzz Machine, Free Republic, Vodka Pundit - Right, Left, Center and everything in between. Since the US elections affect me in no way, this was a crazy thing to do and my head is still spinning.

At the end it all boiled down to emotive appeal I guess. And we Tamilians have known it long before Americans; we never vote on issues, only on emotions :-)


Anonymous said...

I read your Atom XML feed every day and Dabbler is linked on my site. Keep up the good work. US presidential politics affects everyone, so I think it was good you made a study of it.

Frank Kelly
Costa Rica Expat

Chenthil said...

Wow, that's certainly boosting my ego Frank. Some one checking my XML feed :-). Thanks