Monday, November 08, 2004

What's wrong with a kiss?

I was watching the Tamil movie "Aasai" last saturday in one of the TV Channels. It is a neat movie, one of the initial breakthroughs for Ajit, and had great performances by Prakash Raj and Suvalakshmi.

In one of the scenes, Ajit gives a peck to Suvalakshmi on her cheek unexpectedly. Mind you, no full blooded kiss, just a peck. That upsets her, she wears a vacant look, goes home and washes her face in cold water, trying to wash of the kiss. She almost breaks the relationship because of the kiss.

This scene set me thinking, what's wrong with a kiss? Anybody from South India will accept that hugging and kissing are just not done in South Indian homes. A kiss is never shown in Tamil movies (except Kamal's movies); in real life you can hold hands together in public, but never kiss in public. We south Indians seem to have an aversion to kissing in public. Say, what's wrong with a kiss?

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