Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mundane Mysteries

No, this is not a philosophical post. A mystery need not necessarily be a consuming one like those in the Da Vinci code. It need not be the search for Holy Grail. It can be daily mundane things like the following.

Why the hell is the LED display board opposite to Labor statue in Marina Beach displaying the message Chennai Metrowater Welcomes you? It is not at the City entrance, it is not at the Chennai Metrowater property (it is actually in the footpath), and there is no water in Chennai. Then what is the purpose of the board and the message?

(If you too have to wait in the signal long enough, you also will go crazy like me).

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Suderman said...

thanks for the tips dude!
done! gave it the br tag!
Kat says he is happy with his present layout! he likes that spacing! :)