Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Kickboxing Kodambakkam style

Saw the movie M. Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi last weekend. Though the magazines seem to trash it, I liked the movie. It follows a typical Tamil commercial movie plot, but still the theme was handled sensibly. The casual mother-son relationship was a relief from the regular practice of deifying the mother. Nadia as a middle aged mother was fabulous. Though the second half of the movie had predictable sentiment scenes, the first half was really refreshing and made it a worthwhile watch.

When a fellow student calls the hero a bastard who doesn't know his father, Nadia steps in and says "My son was born out of love, unlike you who was born out of lust". It is what you call a punch dialogue. Similarly the reason why Nadia and Prakash Raj split is also something new for Tamil films. Normally the reason for a split is an extra marital affair. In this movie though, Prakash Raj says "Marriage has made me lose my edge in kick boxing. Lets stay apart so I can concentrate and win, which is my dream". Nadia doesn't create a scene, she simply says "Okay let's not stay together and destroy our love. I won't be an obstacle to your dream, but I too have a dream. A dream of bringing up my son a successful humanbeing". It was a class portrayal from Nadia.

Ravi has the physique to portray a kick boxer and the heroine too looks cute, Prakash Raj is efficient as usual, but all in all this is a Nadia movie.

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