Monday, August 23, 2004

One big sigh of relief

After 3 years of struggling, I finally finished my part time PGDBA program from Loyola Institute of Business Administration . By the third year, most of us just wanted it to end, the course took a toll on family life with classes 4 days a week from 6.45-8.30 PM.

Looking back, what I most remember is the wonderful tree lined atmosphere of the college, an oasis amidst the concrete jungle that is Chennai. It was a pleasure to enter the smoke free, noise free campus everyday.

I would always remember the witty remarks of the Economics faculty, Prof. A.C. Fernando. I remember his comments more than the supply demand curve he taught us :-).

A few samples:

When he gave our assignment papers and somebody asked "Sir, are these marks out of ten or twenty?" pat came the reply "Neither, it is out of pity I have given you these marks".

"This it the most brightest class I have ever handled, 64 tubelights under one roof"

There were a lot more of such spontaneous repartees. Somebody said that he repeats these to every class, but I am least bothered. Had a great time in his class.


Ravages said...

Congratulations. As a reward, I'm going to give you a book that will surely change your perceptions, and fuddle up your already MBA processed brain

Chenthil said...


Thanks. Which book are you referring to? The essence of MBA was given in a sentence by one of my professors - " All that an MBA degree does is to reduce the probability of making a wrong decision, nothing more " :-)

lazy geek said...

Congrats Chenthil. I know/u'stand how it's really painful to complete an acadameic course when you are at work and worse, you have aren't a bachelor.

And yeah, the remarks that you have mentioned are interesting. You find such nice humorists at loyola.

Anonymous said...

Hi chenthil... Remember Dude.. we met at Java Green, then to Shakes and Creams.. (this is Alpha.. Deepak)
Well, I have found all your Book reviews to be seriously Interesting..
In fact, this prompted me to start a Seperate Blog on Book Reviews..
But with due credit to you.. I want you to be a part of it...
I know, I have added ur Name to my List already(but don't think that this Publicity shall hinder you)
You can post in Occasional Reviews.. and of course, we can even add ur existing reviews ...
Just check it out. and let me know, If you would like some changes in the Layout, or anything in General..


Anonymous said...

yes, if you want access to the Blog drive account.. I don't have a problem.. But I need your EMail ID..

Prince Roy said...

those are pretty good one-liners. I'll have to steal these if I ever get back into teaching.