Friday, May 21, 2004

Sons of Fortune - Jeffrey Archer

Twin brothers separated at birth. One turns out to be a banker, other a lawyer turned politician. A common villain who is supposed to be brilliantly menacing, but hardly shows any proof of that. Brothers are pitted against each othe in an election. Banker accused of killing the villain. The lawyer appears for his sibling and saves him. The lawyer meets with an accident and the banker donates his blood to save him

Think it is a 1970s Tamil Movie or 1990s Telugu movie? No it is Sons of Fortune, Jeffrey Archer's novel written in 2002. It is a rehash of Archer's succesful Kane and Abel (the board room elections in that novel are transformed to School / College elections in this) and Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less (instead of UK politics, here it is the US of A).

The most interesting thing was the blurb of the novel that reads "Archer, famous atuhor of ...... best sellers, elevated to House of Lords in 1992. Arrested in 2000 for ... Now lives in ..." Archer's own story is far better than what he writes if you ask me.

Avoid it if you can


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sons of fortune is a desparate attmept by archer to do justice to his flagging carrer and credibility. the story lacks depth, leaving a trail of loose ends. archer is is taking inspiration from his earlier creations to cobble up a credible 'bestseller'.i wouldnot suggest it to any one who read kane and able