Friday, March 26, 2004

Eden - Vegetarian Restaurant in Adyar

Yesterday evening we decided to eat out. We discussed a couple of our regular choices like Dhabba Express, Bayleaf when suddenly my wife suggested we go to Eden, the vegetarian restaurant in Adyar. I have heard some favorable comments about the place so agreed and off we went to Eden.

It was crowded when we reached there at 9.00 PM and we had to wait for about 10 minutes to get a table. The interiors are sparse and functional. No candle light dinner, privacy thingie here.

There are no options in the soup, it is chef's choice. And yesterday it was the tried and tested (should I say tired and detested) Tomato soup. Nothing great or nothing bad about it, regular fare. For starters we had Fried Baby Corn. It was yummy, deep fried with onions and tasted good.

The stuffed Kulcha was the star of the day for us, it was unbelievably soft. I have been eating out in Chennai for the past three years and I can say that no where have I had such soft Kulchas. The side dish Paneer Shahi Korma was a wrong choice by us as it was little bland for the fiery south indian taste buds. We had vegetable pulao too and it too was good.

The Indian desserts section had only carat halwa, so we decided to go for sundaes. They have about 10 varieties of sundaes and the eye catching one was " The last time I saw my waist" (yes, it is the name of the sundae) - two scoops of vanilla icecream with caramel sauce, nuts, chocolate chips and cream. I settled for Eden special - vanilla ice cream with apple sauce and nuts. The apple sauce went well with the vanilla ice cream.

The rates are nominal, and the food is great. Try it out.

The restaurant is situated in E 37- II Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai, 600090
Phone 24460777

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