Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Strange ways of Google

I have added a referrer program on the side bar to find who is linking to me. Looks like any one who is searching about Tamil Novelists lands up here, so I shouldn't disappoint them. So here is my take on some of the novelists I read

Thi. Jaa - Thi Janakiraman is one of the well known names in Tamil Literature. His novels are about human relationships, generally that fall outside the society's moral framework.

"Moga mul" is a classic novel about a guy falling in love with a older woman. The heroine Yamuna is one of my all time favorite characters. One thing about this novel is that its title if translated into English is a classic - "Passions' Thorn". I am not aware of any English translation of this novel. All of Thi Jaa's women are strong like Yamuna in Moga mul, Ammani in Marappasu or Sengamalam in UyirththEn. Thi Jaa was successful professionally too, retiring as a high official in All India Radio. He won Sahitya Academy for his short stories collection.

Thi Jaa writes very soulfully about music, his novels abound with detailed description of Carnatic Music. Now, I am tone deaf and don't know anything about music, but the way he writes makes you appreciate the nuances, or atleast feel the bliss of music.

More on others whenever I feel like it

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