Monday, January 26, 2004

Smirnoff, Bacardi and Johnny Walker Red Label ...

Want to taste these all in a single day, but can't afford it? Get a Sindhi friend to invite you to his brother's wedding. Arun, I owe you a lot.

Ok, this is the first time I am attending a Sindhi wedding party, and was sort of speechless. If you have attended any Tamilian wedding you would know that the place is crowded, every body is tensed up for no reason and sweating like a pig, especially the bride and groom.

Sindhis' seem to udnerstand the essence of marriage, literally no rituals, everybody holed up in a AC hall and there is drinks to loosen up the party and a dance floor to shake a leg. I have never danced, and can't dance if my life depended on it, so was watching from the sidelines. It was a learning experience, aided by some names mentioned in the title

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