Friday, January 02, 2004

So what happened this new year?

Nothing actually. Spent the new year eve watching "Saamy" in VCD (I know, the movie was released almost a year ago). Had Ice cream as the clock struck twelve and went to sleep.

In the morning, completed one of my new year resolutions, took my wife on a shopping spree. We wandered about in Pondy Bazar and then on to Madhar Shah at Kellys. Met a really super sales man at Madhar Sha. We had completed our purchase and were just looking around the place, and he talked us into buying one more Churidhar set.

Spent the afternoon reading Alex Haley's Detective. More on that after I finish the book.

In the evening went to Wang's kitchen at Prince plaza for dinner. I am not a chinese food enthusiast, mainly because there is hardly any variety for a vegetarian (I am one) in it. But my wife loves it (she being a non vegetarian) and since she has accompanied me so many times to Saravana Bhavan (a pure veg restaurant), it was time I reciprocated. The food was good, the same Fried rice, stir fried vegetables and Cauliflower. On the non veg side there was Mutton, Chicken fry, Fish fry and beef. My wife had a good time being carnivorous. All in all a relaxing day.

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