Wednesday, December 31, 2003

End of yet another year. Let me try to put down what I want to do in 2004

1. Run the next Chennai corporate marathon (5 km) under 25 min.
2. To do so, run 5 km a day, three times a week.
3. Read atleast a book a week.
4. Blog about the books I read.
5. Spend a weekend at Fisherman's cove
6. Spend a week at my native place (a village near Karaikudi in south Tamilnadu).
7. Learn Greek. (Not a joke, most of my clients are Greeks)
8. Invest regularly in stock market (have been doing sporadically for the past couple of years).
9. Take my wife on a shopping spree. (I'm a bad shopper while she is shop-till-you-drop type).
10.Teach my daughter to read. (She is about 2 years old).
11.Join a literature course through a distance education program.
12.Donate to CRY.
13.Stick to my policy of NOT getting a credit card. (Having resisted it for 6 years, no reason why I cannot continue)

Since I don't believe 13 is inauspicious, will conclude the list at this.

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