Saturday, December 17, 2016

QUIT Day 8

Today's plan was retrace the route to Rajkot and go to Gandhidham from there.
Started a little late, at 8.30 AM from Somnath. The road was free and as we were cruising, thought we could look at some interesting monuments on the way. Google threw up Khambalida caves, a 5 km detour from Jetpur.

So we took the detour and after a few kilometers there was literally no one else on the road. We thought may be we should turn back.

Road to nowhere

But we proceeded ahead and when we reached the caves, there suddenly appeared 5 bus loads of children on a school picnic.
The caves are supposed to be 1500 years old. The center cave has depictions of Bodhisattva, Padmapani and Vajrapani at the entrance. (No I can't decipher ancient statues, I found them from the wiki page).

Khambalida caves

Took the NH and went to Rajkot. From Rajkot took the Morbi - Gandhidham Highway. Morbi is the ceramics capital of India, accounting for nearly 80% of ceramic production in India. 20 kms before the town the advertisement hoardings start to appear. As does the tell tale dust.

The road was free till Morbi, but the afternoon sun was creating mirages and making it difficult to drive. We took a break for lunch at a 'Honest Restaurant' (Gujarat's version of Saravana Bhavan) at Morbi. After a good lunch hit the road again to Gandhidham.
The road to Gandhidham (Kandla port) reminded me of Tuticorin highway. Salt pans, container trucks, barren land on both sides - I felt at home.

Reached Gandhidham and headed out to the locally famous Bin Harif Dabeli for a dinner of Vadapav and Dabeli.

Route till now

Total distance covered so far : 3040 kilometers.

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