Wednesday, November 26, 2014

To Alagu, as you enter your teens

1.60 kg. That is what you weighed when you opened your eyes. Born in 32 weeks, you were a wee bit of skin and bones. The obstetrician gave you a 50-50 chance. As soon as you were born, even before your mother came out of sedation, we sprinted you to the neo-natal ICU in another hospital. The pediatrician there was slightly more positive, he gave you a 75% chance. For the next ten days, I was allowed to see you 10 minutes every day as you lay in the incubator. I was the only visitor allowed, as your mother was still recuperating from her C section.

You defied the odds. You grew up as normal as I could have expected. You made us proud. You picked up the public speaking gene from me; the obsession about perfection from your mom. It wasn't easy going all these years. You gave us a couple of health scares. You have a fiery temper; I have had to use harsh words against you. Of late, you have taken to laughing at me. Especially when I say "Don't spend too much time reading, rest your eyes". You look at me mockingly, without asking "Says who?".

You are doing well in school. You are winning prizes in competitions. But what made me most proud was when you finished 'Sivakamiyin Sabatham' novel and said to me "So sad appa. None of them got what they wanted. Narasimha varman and Sivakami couldn't marry, Naganandi didn't get Sivakami, Aayana Sirpi didn't get the secret about the dyes. Though the novel ended with a victory for Pallavas, it really shows that life is absurd". You have got that right, Alagu. Life is absurd. Wishing you a great life as you step into your teenage.

A few years down the line you will read this. And curse me, "Appa, why did you embarrass me with that cloying post?" .

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Valli said...

A wonderful reminiscence by a father and a valuable gift to a teenager in her bday