Sunday, March 24, 2013

Karenina in Kindle

For a long time I resisted the temptation to buy a Kindle. I called myself a luddite, and that I loved the paper books too much to settle for electronic ones. But the new Kindle Paperwhite made me a convert. One look at the picture and I decided I had to buy it. However it wasn't available for sale in India. So I turned to Lazygeek, who inspired me to start blogging. He is in Seattle now. I asked him to buy one for me and send it across. He bought it in December, but I had to wait till March for some one to bring it to India. I am floored is to say the least about it. No other gadget I bought has made me so giddy with pleasure.

I am yet to load up new books from the Amazon store. I am loading it with the classics that I have always wanted to read but never did. First up is Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (Constance Garnett's translation). The prblem with the paper version of the classics is their sheer size puts you off. But an ebook reader removes the fear of the size. (Oh, does that sentence read awkward or what?). I have completed part one of the eight part novel and it is easy going so far. I really love his prose. Only now did I learn that this novel was serialized in a magazine, which explains the interesting hooks at the end of each chapter.

For some one who started reading English literature pretty late, my initial introductions came from Tamil novels. The first time I read about Jonathan Livingston Seagull was in one of Sujatha's serialized stories where the heroine rides a bike jumping red light at all the signals in Mount Road wanting to "soar away like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, up up and above". That description stuck with me and I searched and found the book when I could. Similarly the first time I read about Anna Karennina was in Balakumaran's Karaiyora Mudhalaigal where Swapna says that her husband asked what she wanted for her anniversary / birthday  she said Anna Karenina and her husband searched all the saree shops in Chennai for that saree. It made an impression and I always wanted to read Anna Karenina. Now finally, thank to Kindle I am reading it. Next up is another monster - James Joyce's Ulysses.


Krishnan said...

Great..still I find it difficult to give up physical books for ereaders.

Anonymous said...

I too love Kindle. I still love the smell and the idea of building a library. Would not having the books inspire kids to take up reading?

Anonymous said...

I recently bought kindle and I find some of the books are not purchase in india. How do you manage to download the books?

Chenthil said...

Anon, I purchase through , haven't faced problem with availability of books. Which books are you facing problem with?