Saturday, May 16, 2009

TN Elections

I have been voting since 1996 and have voted for DMK in all the elections so far. In all these elections I had also guessed the statewide results and general trend correctly. This time due to Srilankan issue I decided to vote for ADMK and was sure that it will be 30-10 for ADMK. The results are 30-10, but for DMK. It is difficult to accept, but CNN IBN did a good job.

Development wise the DMK government in the state has done a fairly good job (except for the power situation). However in the Srilankan Tamil issue they were percieved to be against the sentiment of Tamilnadu people. So it boiled down to development vs emotive issue and development won. Yes, money was paid for the votes (ranging from Rs. 200.00 in Tuticorin to Rs. 2000.00 in Madurai) but that alone can't win elections (I hope).

P Chidambaram is trailing in Sivaganga and he might lose. The Eelam issue might be cited as one of the main reasons for his defeat, but there is a story within the story. PC's clean image has taken a beating in the constituency ever since his son Karthi Chidambaram entered the constituency politics. That also is a significant factor in his defeat.


Anonymous said...

Why did you support to AIADMK because of Eelam issue? What has Jayalalitha done? Do you endorse Vaiko's view? Do you endorse LTTE's method?

Please do not get me wrong. I too feel sorry for Lankan Tamils and their suffering.

Sankar said...

I believe it is because of MDMK, ADMK has lost. Viajayakanth split a lot of votes in a lot of constituencies.

Anonymous said...

Development I can't see any.

I wish they had lost, I'm not an ADMK supporter, I just think they (DMK) have just gone to arrogant.

It is important to note that Karunanidhi, got well immediatley after the election and could travel to Delhi to get cabinet births.

Power problem is due to offering excessive licenses to open industries in the name of development without any research on the power situation. My information is that it may atleast an year to bring some respite.

It is money that won the election, an uncle of mine in madurai, who is resonably wealthy, got 2000 Rs, 1000 for him and 1000 for his wife, to vote for the DMK.

The maid servent at our home accpeted 2000 Rs to vote for DMK. People like her are in such financial burden, I would have done the same If were her.

We must knife our MPs and MLA's so that we could have Bielection ever 3 months and earn 2000-3000 Rs every three months.

quarks said...

you voted for the ADMK BECAUSE of the ealam issue? Pray why???

And the DMK did well in developmental areas except power? Come on. The only thing it has been doing so long is give out freebies to cover up for not doing anything!!!!

Btw, its not just the money given on election eve tat did the trick. I guess the people loved the sops the DMK govt has been giving right from the start. They know the ADMK will never be so generous. Development be damned...