Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mr. Ram's alternate universe

This is for all those who spoke in support of Mr. Ram in the previous post. Now that Prabhakaran is dead and LTTE is finished, you would expect The Hindu to return to a semblance of neutrality. But Mr. Ram lives in an alternate universe.

The headline in Times of India, Chennai Edition
UN chief, top aide knew of Tamil massacre, claims report.

This report is based on a report by Times, London. You won't find a single mention of the Times report or anything related to it in The Hindu. So what is your excuse now Mr. Ram? Forget the ethics, neutrality and such stuff. Is it financially prudent for you to ignore the issues of the majority of your readers?


Anonymous said...

financially prudent? ofcourse! He is bought by the powerful Srilankan lobby...


Anonymous said...

These Elections have shown that Srilankan issue is just not an important issue. Besides that, a good chunk of Hindu readers are not politically inclined or care less about these things. It is the other major chunk who ``consider themselves'' as thinking and intelligent that have a problem. As they believe in the Srilankan Cause. They are happy with whatever they see in Hindu minus the Srilankan issue.

Having said that, Ram cannot be called a fanatic. As a fanatic truely believes in what he does and says and has no respect for the other side. Ram is an rank opportunist, makes derisive remarks against opponents. Hindu has published articles comparing Dalai lama and Osama Bin Ladan. He also cajoles powerful people. I thik Kanimozhi was a subeditor in Hindu. I wish some pulls the plug on him. So that I could go back to buying Hindu.

Anonymous said...

Ok Genius. You know all about Sri Lankan Tamils and the injustice done to LTTE.

LTTE recruited and sent children from 12 year to their grave fighting the 'cause' ?

LTTE extortion rings overseas collected money regulary from the
refugees small paychecks to fund
the arms (Billion euros) for the loosers. The refugees and their children have to skip good breakfast to pay the LTTE collection thugs. Guess who's got the arms now? Your buddy Vaiko ?
How come the Tamil morons in India havent done much to take care of the tamil children but want to yap about Sri Lankan Tamil plights ?
Just take a walk at night you will find these happy and healthy children sleeping on the sidewalks along with dogs and roaches.
I can go on but I will stop since this is your blog and I am only a passerby.

Chenthil said...

Ashok - I don't know about that.

Anon - I do think that The Hindu is losing readership because of its editorial policy.

Anon - all your ranting doesn't answer my question. Why is he still shielding the Srilankan Govt? Since you walk the streets of Chennai by night, I assume that you understand Tamil. There is a phrase - "Kodutha kaasukku melayae koovaradhu". I think that is what Ram is doing in this situation.

Anonymous said...

Yo, You are a Genius!
The 'Truth' is rant for you.
No, I don't walk the street
of your town as mush as I do.
The few days I walked I have seen
enough misery and careless attitude
of 'your' tamil Human rights
No, I dont speak Tamil, nor Sinhalese. I do understand children's misery.
So, go ahead do say it in the
language your blog (or is it bitch)
made of so that I can understand.
Next time don't slime away, face the truth and deal with it.

Thanks for the opportunity to respond and not shut me up like some of your LTTE friends do.

Anonymous said...

உங்கள் பொறுமையும் மரியாதையும் பாராட்டுகிறேன்.

Anonymous said...

Tradition of 'The Hindu" had been lost long back , what is remnant now with that paper is name , do u seriously think this paper is given a respect by young Indians, certainly not.If anyone knows the trick of publishing something in the letters to the editor column, knows pretty well what kind of paper is this.Right now Ram is suffering from his own making .No body is responsible for the downward slide of The Hindu except Ram.