Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tuticorin Tales

"How many vehicles to send to the CFS (Container Freight Station) today?. The mill manager said that there are four 20s and two 40s for destuffing".

"Illai Anne. There is no loading planned today at the CFS. Just now I spoke to the manager there, they are planning to destuff only tomorrow."

"Why, what happened?. The mill people are insisting that they want the cargo by tomorrow"

"There has been some problem there. The Fork lift operator hit the supervisor with a pipe wrench in the head. He has now been arrested and the supervisor has been taken to Madurai for surgery"

I was stunned. I had met that operator only two months back in the cinema theater. He was just a boy of about 19. He had been working as an operator for about 2 years. When we met him, he had just received his passport and was trying to get a job in Singapore.


"I think the supervisor was driving him crazy."

"But.., he was planning to go abroad. Now all his hopes are gone. Why such stupid move?"

"That is the curse of this soil anne. There is no other explanation"


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