Friday, April 10, 2009

Marx, Mullahs and Mahinda

The three entities in the title may be incongruent but not to Mr. Ram, the editor of The Hindu. It is a strange cocktail to support - the Chinese communist party, the Iranian rulers and Mahinda Rajapakse's government in Srilanka, but Mr. Ram must be having his own reasons.

This news article in The Hindu says that Srilankan government is launching the world's largest civilian rescue mission to rescue Tamils stuck in no fire zone. This is probably the only article you will find in The Hindu tomorrow. There will not be any mention of the cluster bombing by Sri Lankan Army in the no fire zone that kills hundreds of civilians every day. You can look at the ground situation pictures here (Warning: not for the weak hearted).

Well done Mr. Ram. You have earned your Lanka Ratna many times over.


Anonymous said...

This article is not by the hindu but by IANS.Do you feel only the hindu will carry this report ?

Chenthil said...

No. What I am saying is Hindu will carry only this article. There will be no coverage of the civilian deaths which you can find in other outlets from BBC to ToI. Mr. Ram picks and chooses the reports which favor his world view, which is mostly defined by the 3Ms of the title.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chenthil

I'm not a supporter of N. Ram or Hindu, In fact, I consider him an Anti-national due to his support for China. The trash he manufactures and publishes to defend the projects taken up by china, which includes covert military build up around indian ocean, is enough to call him an anti-national.

Having said that many tamil pathukavalars have in the past have defended hindu, some have called it an intellectual newspaper. Including well known activists. In the srilankan issue they have taken an U turn, once ram was a darling, now the opposite. I believe they will soon make another U turn, once the srilankan issue goes of the radar.

Remember the periyarite veeramanis love for Ram and frontline. Which he now calls it a news paper run by Parpans.

thetalkativeman2006 said...