Thursday, August 07, 2008

Two movies - two lines

Dasavatharam - Not as bad as the critics pan it, definitely not as good as the fans portray it. A yawn inducing chase movie made to satisfy the ego of the writer / actor.

Subramaniapuram - Definitely up there in my list of great tamil movies. A neat review by Baradwaj Rangan, a review in tamil by Suresh Kannan.


Prabhakar said...

Subramaniapuram and Pollathavan must be put in the same league, though the latter has more heroic and commercial cinema elements. In Madurai if you happen to live in a tough neighbourhood like Karimedu, Mela Ponnagaram you have to know street fighting techniques to be accepted by your peers! The romantic part of Subramaniapuram and its Ilaiyaraja-like songs make you certainly yearn for a past, gone for ever. Sasi has a sure sense of place and mastery of his locale -- it is straight out of his inscape. We can only hope that more such film-makers are in the making.

BB said...

Back to the favorite past time of Tamils, movies. Like Cheguvera, revolutions and long marches for die hard communist party men.

I also saw Dasavatharam. It induced yawn for Chenthil. I got the “theaterila ukkara mudiyale’’ feeling. I knew that when ever Kamal talks, beats his drum a lot about a movie it will end up being a flop show, ex Guna and Hey ram. However, that did not stop from watching, as I’m a tamil. Success of Dasawatharam, made possible by us, will only encourage Kamal to do more of his Adigaparasangam. I look forward to his retirement.

I found this clip in you tube, liked it.

PS: I have nothing to do with this clip, nor I know the guy in the clip, I just happed to bump on it in the youtube.

Chenthil said...

Prabhakar - Havent' seen Polladhavan, though heard good things about the movie. James Vasanthan's music is one of the reasons for Subramaniapuram being a complete movie. Will have to wait for the next movie of Sasikumar to declare him a good director.

BB - I liked Guna, haven't seen Hey Ram. Wont go as far as to ask for his retirement :-).

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching Dasavatharam after about ten minutes, I think as long as you fill the rest of the time with eating sambar or doing the kummi, it doesn't affect your being a Tamil.

Sudhakar said...

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RV said...

I stumbled here looking for translations of Bharathiyar poems. I agree with your Dasavatharam comments. I put Subramaniyapuram in the same category. Do read my reviews at

R.V. Subramanyan