Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chenthil goes to Coonoor

Taj Garden Retreat, Coonoor

Droog, which has the remnants of a fort built by Tipu Sultan overlooking the plains. (I lacked the stamina to go on that trek).

Murathal puliyai virattiya veera Tamizh Pen

A stream on the Kotagiri Mettupalayam Road


Krishnan said...

Nice pictures. By the way, can I know what brand of digital camera you used ?

krishnan said...

How much does a night's stay cost at Taj Garden Retreat? I'm planning to go to Coonoor next month. :)

PS: I sent an email to Mr. Jeyamohan appreciating his science fiction stories. Man; I got such a quick response. I was surprised.

Chenthil said...

Krishnan - It was a simple Canon Powershot A 90. Coonoor is a nice point and shoot place, any photo comes out good inspite of the photographer. Taj has rooms from 5.5k to 8.5k per night.

Jeyamohan has the reputation of replying to every reader.

krishnan said...

Hmmm; you replied to both Krishnans in the same comment. The first one is a new one, while the second one, yours truly, is a regular reader. :-)
Aargh; the problems of having a popular name. :-)

bhupendra.kahar said...

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uma kumar said...

the pics are good esp the last one

Prabhakar said...

tiger, girl pix was very good.