Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Being a non believer sucks

When a personal crisis happens, a believer has someone / something to hear his prayers. Being a non believer sucks in such situations. Especially when you try to convert yourself into a believer and fail at it.


Ravi said...

Reminds me of this scene from Signs..

People break down into two groups
when they experience something lucky.
Group number one sees it as more than luck,
more than coincidence.
They see it as a sign...
evidence that there is someone up there
watching out for them.
Group number two sees it as just pure luck,
a happy turn of chance.
I'm sure the people in group number two
are looking at those lights in a very suspicious way.
For them, the situation isn't - .
Could be bad, could be good.
But deep down,
they feel that whatever happens,
they're on their own.
And that fills them with fear.
Yeah, there are those people.
But there's a whole lot of people in the group number one.
When they see those lights,
they're looking at a miracle.
And deep down, they feel that whatever's going to happen,
there'll be someone there to help them.
And that fills them with hope.

Uma said...

Hope everything is alright

Saraks said...

Sometimes trying to fit yourself in the divine plan might be more frustating than realizing(thinking) that there is no plan at all.

I think it is only atheists and theists who switch sides. NON-believers can only fake it I guess.

Chenthil said...

Ravi - I definitely am in your group two.

Uma - things are ok, for now.

Saraks - there is no plan, sure. Buddhikku theriyudhu, manasukku theriyalaye (Sujatha's phrase).

subs said...

faith is a crutch that people need sometimes and once you know it is a crutch , faith is useless. You have to forget that it is a crutch in order for it to have the psychological benefits it is meant for. A way to claw back.
But - Have faith in yourself.

Anonymous said...

enna aachu ?

Da Rodent said...

@chenthil: Yeah, faith once lost is lost. Its no point trying to get back, coz the mind reasons too much now.. I hope things are better now.