Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Marxist re affirms his credentials

The time has come for India to use the leverage that comes with hosting the Dalai Lama and his followers since 1959 to persuade or pressure him to get real about the future of Tibet

Read Mr. Ram's editorial in The Hindu. The Chinese couldn't have written a better propaganda piece. And to think that this man was making such a hue and cry about Freedom of Speech when his paper was under attack. Life is good.


barbadkatte said...

Well, you can't expect him to write any thing different. After all China has been wining and dining him for the last few days (at least!).

Read about Hu's Children in

Anonymous said...

So Chen, are you North Indian.

By Nilu's definition, you could be:

Chenthil said...

bbk - all that remains is for him to get Chinese national award, similar to the Lanka Ratna that Srilanka gave him.

JM - Nilu is a kid, let him have his theories.

Karthik said...

First the editorial praising Putin, then support for Venezuela's Chavez and now support for China's oppression in Tibet. But no noise about China's claim that Arunachal belongs to them.

Ram's support for these authoritarian regimes is ironic. What's common in these places? No free press.

Anonymous said...

Ram is so predictable. I had lot friends like Ram, mainly from WB, when I was studying. They were all die hard party men, CPI(M),. But wall wanting settle down in America. I asked them, why they never try to find a Job in the labs in Cuba or China. Their answer was no country is bad in it self, only the rulers are bad. Of course, as any one can guess, the main reasons were corporate funding, freedom to do research, good pay packet and a high standard of life. I reconciled my self telling that these people suffer from psychological problem.

Comparing Kashmir and Tibet was gross. I found it to be some sort of weird guilt-riding. For one press is allowed to move freely into Kashmir and Indian government does not take press tourism to show everything is fine in Kashmir

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