Thursday, February 28, 2008

R.I.P Mr. Sujatha

In the last few years I fell out with his writings. Especially after reading blogs and learning that he just grazes the tip of everything he touches with no depth. That however doesn't take away anything from what he was to me when I was young and living in small towns of Tamilnadu. Freshness of writing, uptodate with latest developments, dark humour, frankness of opinion - he was all that and more.

R.I.P Mr. Sujatha.

Update: You can read his Tamil short story Nagaram here. This is considered to be one of his best efforts, a view which I fully agree with.


krishnan said...

He was one of the few writers who revolutionized the art of story telling in Tamil. He made Tamil fiction stories as fashionable and as aesthetically brilliant as English fiction stories, at least the mainstream ones. He will live forever - through his works and the millions of aspiring writers who will follow his footsteps. RIP Mr. Rangarajan.

Baraka said...

SuRA.. Nakulan.. Adimoolam.. Sujatha..
Could feel the slow dusk of all-those-yesterdays.. one vibrant era.

krishnan said...

I've read that story already. But read it again. Brought back lots of memories. Thanks for the link Chen.

Baraka said...

liked his 'Kuthirai', 'Maanju', 'Arai Vaidhiyan'.. but favorite is 'Mahabali'

Chenthil said...

Baraka - Mahabali was a good story. The professor's question to the cop at the end -" where are we making mistakes" and the cop's reply -"we aren't bothered" - was really Sujatha trying to make sense of terrorism. However I think Nagaram was more down to earth, and packed more punch.