Friday, February 01, 2008

When rhetoric scores

Karnataka politics is strange. I don't mean the wilyness of Deve Gowda in shafting two national parties simultaneously, we appreciate that sort of cunning. I am talking about the noise created due to the exposure of the romance of its former CM with a former heartthrob.

They should learn from Tamilnadu. Nearly 50 years back, when C.N.Annadurai, the founder of Dravidian electoral politics was questioned on his dalliance with a leading actress of that time, he came up with this classic.

நான் முற்றும் துறந்த முனிவனுமல்ல, அவள் கற்பிற் சிறந்த கண்ணகியுமல்ல

which translates as "I ain't a saint, She ain't chaste".


krishnan said...

LOL; believe it or not Chen! I thought of the same thing when I heard this news. Annadurai was a mature man and he was apparently so sure that even if he admitted doing what he was accused of, his supporters won't take it too seriously. I'm not sure what Banumathi did at that time, but this lady seems to have created an uproar by seeking help from women activists and others.

Indian Voter said...

I think it was like..

"நான் முற்றும் துறந்த முனிவனுமல்ல. அவள் படி தாண்டா பத்தினியுமல்ல"

It all means the same.. but still.

Chenthil said...

Krishnan, we tamils are extremely forgiving of nocturnal affairs of those who rule us.

Indian voter - I heard that version too, haven't found any source to verify which was correct, so went with the one I thought sounded better.

Bala said...

As a tamilian I am not proud of what Mr C.N. Annadurai's statement.

Nilu said...

Bala, as a Tamilian, I am not proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Chenthil, you are smart. You are taking on a soft target - CNA. Try speaking the facts about MK or Maruthuvar(but there doesnt seem to be any in his case)or JJ. Blog puttukkum :-).

Looks like Kazhaga thalaivars have all the fun while preaching Kadamai, Kanniyam Kattupadu to the thondars, who then sincerely follow it and when they find a Khusboo or a Suhasini saying something 'immoral' vent out their pent up frustrations on them. Thondars are damned whichever way you look at it.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that one too but the Indian VOter's version.

Hawkeye said...

hate to think banumathi and saroja devi were the kind of 'bootiful' women antha kaalathu politicians wanted to 'do'.

deprived souls them. must be jealous of stalin and others. hell they mite even be jealous of MGR

Anonymous said...

hawkku, ofcourse mk is jealous of Mgr. :-)
Mk didnt even get what Kannadasan got(in terms of quality), though one would have to suspect Kannadasan's judgement considering KR vijaya et al have been linked to him:-)

Recently, radharavi regretted in a public function to honour' saroja devi that his entry time in TF meant he couldnt act in raeppu scene with Saroja devi! Now, he is deprived or depraved or what?

Anonymous said...

It is so callous of CNA, whom i respect for many other attributes to make a comment like that. He had not paused to think the effect on the lady , her family and her career. Though people tend to think of those working in cine field as being less chaste, they still deserve to be treated with honour. CNA missed a trick here.