Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ram takes bias to higher levels

A road block program in Kolkata went out of control yesterday, leading to riots and army being deployed in the city and curfew in some parts. The road block was called by some group called All India Minority Forum to protest against Nandigram violence (where most of the affected were muslims). The forum also used this opportunity to further another of their pet causes, throw Taslima Nasreen,(the Bangladeshi writer who is in exile in Kolkata), out of India. These are the bare facts.

Let's see the Headlines from various newspapers in this issue.

Times of India - Nandigram fury singes Kolkata, army called

The Statesman - Flare-up over Taslima & Nandigram .Army deployed, curfew in parts of city

Deccan Herald - PROTEST OVER NANDIGRAM ;Kolkata burns with rage

Hindustan TimesKolkata burns over Nandigram, Taslima

And here is the Marx of Mount Road

The HinduArmy moves into Kolkata to quell violence ,Protests against grant of visa to Taslima; It is unfortunate and has tarnished the city’s name: Buddhadeb.

You won't find the N word anywhere in the headline. It is hidden deep in the report as "It was also in protest against the recent developments in Nandigram".

But it matters for The Hindu that a section of Left intellectuals are against the Government on the Nandigram issue. So they get the God of Left intellectuals, Chomsky to advice the left intellectuals.
The balance of forces in the world is such that it would be impetuous to split the Left. We are faced with a world power that has demolished one state (Iraq) and is now threatening another (Iran). This is not the time for division when the basis of division no longer appears to exist.

So some left intellectuals fighting the left government in Bengal will lead the imperialist domination of the world.

Curiously that article doesn't have any byline.


Anonymous said...

Why, after many evidences and proofs of its political/personal bias and journalistic waywardness, would you expect reputable news from the Hindu?


Robin said...

If all the papers(with a right leaning) sided with one side... Ram feels it is his responsibility to bring the other side of the story..

Anonymous said...

All papers are not right leaning. Ram is a loyal party man, with loyality probably being his supreme virtue, in the disguise of an Editor.

An unfortunate situation though with loyalty being a big baggage.

Anonymous said...

Do not call him Marx of the Mount road. I know that they are going to shift their office to Maraimalai Nagar. Infact, I believe, the current editions are form the press in Maraimalai Nagar.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when all that one needed to know about world affairs (sitting in Chennai) was to read The Hindu. That is all long ago gone. Today we are smart,we get updates from CNN-IBN, Indian Express,NDTV , Yahoo India, BBC and also Tamil Newspapers and know what is exactly happening and what the Hindu Ram does not want you to know.

Infact except for the suppliments, Sports/Classifieds and Metro/City Coverage columns, Hindu news paper is as good as waste paper.

Anonymous said...

Chenthil, One more trigger for N Ram to write an article to defend his friends

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