Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tamil writer La.Sa. Ramamrutham is no more

La.Sa.Ra. is a name that no serious reader of Tamil literature can skip. He passed away yesterday at the age of 91. He was the master of the untold. A writer who could make silences in the stories speak more than the words. His choice and usage of words were completely different from any other writer of his generation or those after him. His words took you to a different world, and were addictive to say the least.

His stories were situated in the Tamil Brahmin milieu, but transcended the settings and were universal in nature. They disturbed you at a fundamental level, shook your assumptions about family and generally left you in a contemplative mood.

Thank you Mr. La.Sa.Ra. for those enchanting words.

P.S. La.Sa.Ra.'s interview in 2002 - in tamil


Anonymous said...

I've read only his deeply philosophical and free-flowing book on his life and other things, poignantly titled viLimbil. Rest in peace.

Chenthil said...

Zero, do try his short stories. Especially - "Apoorva Ragam", "Parkadal".

Baraka said...

there is this short story - 'utharayanam'.Stunning. And then, 'Abitha'. i feel, there is this sensual Godess, whom he often sees and tries to translate it into words. the rhythm and reverberation in his sentences feels like the primordial weep of a person who is hopelessly in love with 'Devi'.

'ninaivin ranamae
uyirin thayiriyum.
Uyiroviyathin pala vannangal!'